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I like to think I’m not your typical, traditional Finance Director. Having worked in large corporate companies I have big company experience and understand the processes and systems that work, giving a business the insight needed to understand their numbers, and stay in control as a company scales.

Making a real, rapid impact for SMEs

After becoming a mum, I realised I was seeing the world through a more emotionally intelligent lens, and had more patience and understanding of the challenges business owners face. I found myself drawn to working with SMEs where my skills can make a real, rapid impact on a business’s future, and can help an SME’s owner feel more in control and empowered.

Daniella Wainwright

I live in Yorkshire with my family, and our dog Cookie. I strive for a healthy work / life balance, as I love spending time with my children and having time to keep fit and active.

Making a difference to your mindset & profits

I can empathise with how frustrating it can be for SMEs wanting to move their business forward but lacking the insight into performance to know where to get started.

Do you know which customers and products are making you money? Are some losing your hard-earned profits? How do you compare all the opportunities ahead of you and choose which to pursue?

I am of course very ‘hands-on’ and can both explain what insight you need, and deliver it to you, but what I do also involves mentoring my clients to think in a different way, and acting as a sounding board. This feels very worthwhile to me, like it’s part of my purpose, and is very rewarding when it makes a difference to my client’s mindset and bottom line.


It goes without saying that everything I do is tailored towards the individual business because every business is different. I work closely with you from the start. This begins with our “chemistry meeting” where we see if we are a good fit and I get to the core of what you feel is not working, where you want your business to be. We can then make a plan to achieve that.

My aim is to take the complex and make it simple and easy to understand. I want to understand what success means to you and your business – there is no “one size fits all”. Plus, I want to empower businesses to grow and succeed, but not to feel that this necessarily has to mean fancy offices and lots of staff. Growth for growth’s sake can be a mistake.

It all starts with really understanding your numbers  – the numbers don’t lie!


My solutions are cost effective, as it is unlikely you need a Portfolio Finance Director on a full-time basis.

We can help you build up your business model, or help setting a strategy to achieve your business goals.

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