PowerUp! Your Portfolio 

Online training course for ASPIRING portfolio finance directors.


Establish your Portfolio FD career QUICKLY and profitably.

Get the inside track and advice from a Portfolio Finance Director who set up during a global pandemic and turned over a six-figure income within the first 12 months.

These exclusive group sessions will take you from your draining Corporate role to an energising career, intentionally designed by you. You can work when you want, how you want, with those who share your values, and around your other commitments in life which bring you joy.

“I have established a six-figure profit Portfolio FD business in 12 months, during the Global Pandemic, and my quality of life, work life balance, health and stress levels have all improved immeasurably.

Now I want to share my formula for getting your Portfolio off to a flying start, so YOU can also enjoy the income and flexibility you’re striving for as soon as possible”.

These exclusive small group sessions will get you far. Fast.

Investment: £3,000 plus VAT = £3,600 (you should be able to reclaim the VAT element in your new business, and the course investment is tax deductible as a business expense).

Dates: live online sessions over 8 weeks on Tuesday evenings from 8.15pm to 9.30pm.

First session on Tuesday 13th Sep 2022.

Last session on Tuesday 8th Nov 2022.

1 week break on Tuesday 25th Oct 2022 (half term).



Are you tired of your draining senior finance role in a big, corporate business, where overtime is expected (and constant), culture is poor, red tape is tangling everyone up, and you don’t get time for the things that mean the most to you outside of work?

Have you been thinking about taking control of your work life balance and starting a portfolio career, but you don’t know where to start with the legalities, selling, and how to find your ideal clients?

Do you want to make a change in the new year but you’d value guidance and expert advice from someone who’s DONE IT and can help you fast-track your transition?

Do you want to get visible, and clear on your offer, so that you attract businesses and owners who YOU want to work with, that share your beliefs and values, and spend your time adding value to them as part of your Portfolio?



Absolutely brilliant, without a doubt this course was great value for money. It’s an investment for the future, and I’ve somebody to be accountable to. Just the links and info provided in Week 1 were invaluable – the amount of hours it would have taken me to get to that stage…! I’ve saved so much time and effort through the course content and avoided some mistakes that would have been really costly.”

The course was really open and welcoming. A safe environment with confidentiality. Really motivational and supportive. It was great to build a bond with the group and get that psychological safety, so we could all share and comment with confidence. I would just want to say thanks for being so open with your knowledge and for boosting people and supporting people. Having someone there to support you, keep you accountable, and be your cheerleader, is something that’s probably a bit alien to people but is so impactful!

I’ve been thinking about this Portfolio thing for a long time… but I’m risk averse. This has been great ‘ready-made’ bridge to give me the belief that I can actually do this! There were self doubts before… Can I do it? Do I have enough experience? How do I sell my services? Impostor syndrome was creeping in, but after the course I felt so much more confident and I hit the ground running. I’ve already had enquiries from people. I looked forward to it every Tuesday night.


Sounds good right?

I’ll be your best cheerleader, helping you to monetise your skills and expertise to grow a profitable Portfolio Finance Director business, where YOU decide;

  • who you work with, 
  • when and where you work
  • how many days you want to work

So that you can bring your whole self to the work you love, without the overwork, burnout and stresses that come with most top level corporate Finance Director roles. 

This course is for you if you;

  • Are a qualified accountant with many years of post-qualified experience.
  • Are used to working at a high level (Finance Director, Head of Finance or Group Financial Controller).
  • Are personal, approachable, and naturally inquisitive.
  • Have always felt a little bit entrepreneurial and are excited at the prospect of growing your own business.
  • Are willing to put the work in to design a finance career on your terms.
  • Would value the support and accountability a tight-knit cohort course brings.

It’s NOT for you if;

  • You’re not yet experienced at the highest levels in finance.
  • You hate the idea of putting yourself out there to win work (if you’re just a little apprehensive about this we will work on that, but you have to be willing!).
  • Or you’d just prefer to work on this alone (there is a 1:1 option too).

Here’s what you get when we work together;

  • 8 x live weekly sessions at 8.15pm on Tuesday nights with a small group of like-minded peers all making the same journey.
  • Resources and planners to support your progress.
  • Practical, transformational actions and advice from a fellow Chartered Accountant who has been there and done this, establishing a business turning over 6 figures within year one, and all during a Global pandemic.
  • Connections and community to stay in touch with throughout the course and beyond as you translate learnings into practice.

This is no fluffy, generic business course….this is niche. tailored to exactly what you want to achieve, with specificS. It’s a BLUEPRINT for a Portfolio Finance Director career. 

Here’s what we’ll cover;

  • Legalities and practical steps – know your responsibilities in terms of anti-money laundering, insurance, data protection, IR35 and practicing certificates. Set up safely from the off.
  • You’re in Sales Now – how to tailor your voice and content to appeal to your ideal client, whether to ‘niche’, and how to stay authentic.
  • Get LinkedIn singing! – how to ensure your profile works hard for you and gets you the leads you need.
  • Network (network, network!) – how and who to network with to get your name ‘front of mind’ and get those referrals flowing in.
  • Building your credibility and authority – how to get seen and build your audience through tailored content via various channels.
  • Software solutions – what’s available to set up your business with as much automation and efficiency as possible.
  • Imposter syndrome – how to keep this in check, stay resilient, and keep the faith during your journey.
  • And lots more, such as websites, what to charge, and strategies to win work all within a supportive, encouraging, and friendly environment.

Be the next success story and get the control you crave.

If you have questions, then don’t wait to message me.

If you’re ready, let’s go make this happen…..



Thank you Daniella! I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the effort that you made to help get me back on track, and how unexpected it was!
I love our chats and its one of the great things about LinkedIn, you can build a great network, but you can also find real gems when you connect with like-minded people who inspire you and a wonderful friendship evolves too🙌

Michelle Heer

Director, Klarity Finance Ltd

Wainwright Consulting


Escape the pressure of your Corporate role in Finance and carve out a career on your terms.

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